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The AI assistant your customers will love

Personalizing every shopping experience with styling expertise and efficacy.

Conversational AI

A chat that feels like talking to a human. 

Shopping Assistant 

Ask for  advice to make the right purchases.

Recommendations Engine

Ask for items to match your preferences.

Professional experts in our team

See the MOD AI in action

Experience the power of MOD AI on your fashion e-commerce.

Shopping & styling

AI Stylist

Providing customized advice and recommendations for  your customers, tailored to individual fashion needs and styling goals.

Personalized Shopping Guidance

Boosts sales with tailored fashion advice, aligning with user fashion preferences and styling goals.

Tailored Fashion Suggestions

Offers well-chosen fashion items matching the user's style needs, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Interactive Shopping Chat

Enhances conversion with quick style advice from an AI stylist, supporting informed purchase decisions and enabling effective cross-selling.

Install on Shopify
Boost sales

Enhance, Convert & Increase Sales

Optimize your e-commerce strategy with AI-driven technology.

Increase Conversion

Transform browsers into buyers with AI-driven, personalized recommendations, enhancing the shopping experience and boosting conversion rates.

Accelerate Sales

Enhance the sales process with efficient, AI-powered search results, ensuring customers quickly find what they need and make swift purchasing decisions.

Increase Engagement

Elevate user interaction, making searches more intuitive and engaging, and driving customer loyalty and satisfaction.


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The plans are categorized based on the AI's monthly message response capacity.


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1k messages/month
Unlimited products
Standard Support
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30-day free trial


2.5k messages/month
Unlimited products
Priority Support
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30-day free trial


5k messages/month
Unlimited products
Priority Support
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30-day free trial


10k messages/month
Unlimited products
Priority Support
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